joe rogan
In Tuesday's episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, the show's host and namesake revealed the "anti-racist" ideology that his child's school in California pushed following the death of George Floyd in May of 2020.

"When the whole George Floyd thing happened, one of the school's that my kids were going to back in California released this email, saying that it's not enough to not be racist, you now must be anti-racist. And my kid's nine at the time. What does that, what does that mean?" Rogan asked.

"These kids are not even remotely racist. Like, they have all sorts of different kinds of friends. They โ€” I've never heard them discuss it once. It's just 'I like this person and she's nice to me and we like to play together and we both like the same things' and let's โ€” so to tell a nine year old that you have to be anti-racist, well, then they go looking for racism, they're gonna go looking to confront it," he added.

Rogan continued on to say that in the minds of these teachers, it's a good idea, but he continued on to say that these people are naive, and that "they weren't that good at teaching in the first place."

"And now here they are saying they're going to tackle something, not not just tackle something as complex as race in America, but you're going to establish rules that you can't just be not racist, you have to be anti-racist, and you're going to teach this to a nine-year-old. So what are you saying? Like, what exactly are you saying, what is your fucking end goal?" he asked.

Comment: The end goal, it would seem, is to have every child in America on the path to being a radical ideologue when they grow up.

Rogan continued on to say that if schools want to teach that people are created equal no matter their race or origin and that "racism is stupid," that anyone can be brilliant, "I'm all with you."

"But if you want to tell my nine-year-old, they have to be anti-racist. What does it mean?" Rogan asked.

Well, it doesn't mean anything, episode guest David Mamet noted.

"Yeah, what does that mean? So they have to go find racism and confront it?" Rogan asked.