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© Moms for Liberty/TwitterBrian Echevarria slams Cabarrus County Board of Education's curriculum decisions
On Monday, a North Carolina dad spoke at a local school board meeting urging parents to "take the wheel back" in their children education, and commended the school board for passing a resolution last summer that banned critical race theory teachings in the district.

Brian Echevarria is running for District 73 in the North Carolina House of Representatives, and one of the main tenets of his campaign is to stop critical race theory indoctrination in schools and the reinstitution of parental rights as regards the "upbringing and education of their children."

"One of the things I wanted to thank you for tonight was the resolution, the nondiscrimination resolution, the CRT deal, because it's happening, and as a parent, I speak to other parents, there's a few things that we don't want," he said, noting a resolution that was passed by the board over the summer.

In July, the Cabarrus County Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a resolution that would ensure dignity and nondiscrimination in the district. That resolution in part encompassed the blocking of teaching of critical race theory in the district's schools.

The resolution promoted not teaching that one race is or sex is inherently superior to another; "That an individual, solely by virtue of his or her race or sex, is not inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive"; and that "That no individual, solely by virtue of his or her race or sex, should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress," among other topics.

"I'm biracial. I'm bilingual and multicultural. The fact is in America and North Carolina, I can do anything I want, and I teach that to my children. And the person who tells my little pecan colored kids that they're somehow oppressed based on the color of their skin would be absolutely wrong and absolutely at war with me," said Echevarria.

"And I think that's the same for every parent. What the masks showed us is that the parents, the most powerful group of people in our country, that they're taking back the wheel," he added.

Echevarria continued on to state that while the parents "obviously" had to "take the wheel back" in regards to masks, they are now "taking the wheel back from Washington, all the way to Raleigh and into our local school board because CRT, all of that, the parents don't want it."
"It's a big fat lie," he added. "If you believe in CRT, I want to tell you, you're a liar. Because that means you look at your black neighbor and say that they're oppressed, and you look at your white neighbor and say that they're evil, regardless of the experience that you had with them. And we're not going to do that."

"The parents in the United States of America, right here in North Carolina, and Cabarrus County, we know that's not true because we believe the lives we live," he said. "The fact is, I've been a business owner right here in North Carolina, and I deal with white people, black people, Hispanic people, my children deal with everybody and the racism is only happening at the government level and on the media."
Echevarria noted that a person would be hard pressed to find racists in real life, and you only hear stories about in. He continued on to take aim at policies that put transgender identified biological males in competition with women and girls, saying he doesn't want his daughter competing against a man.

"I have an eight year old daughter who is absolutely dynamic, who can do anything athletically, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. She is a dynamo. And I don't want a man swimming against her in the pool," he said.

"The fact is, I don't want her playing against boys in soccer. I don't even let my son's rough her up. Do you think I'm going to let your son rough her up?" said Echevarria.

"This is what we're talking about. Policy going back to the parents. Because if you think people who love America are willing to fight for it. You haven't met parents yet? Because I'm telling you parents will go further down any street than anyone who loves their country alone," he concluded.