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Michigan elementary schools are cancelling Halloween and Valentine's Day celebrations in order to be more "equitable and inclusive." Halloween and Valentine's Day are both Christian holidays that have been secularized.

Elementary school principals in East Lansing Michigan sent a joint letter to families on Wednesday announcing the cancellation of the two holidays due to financial disparities among families, according to MSN.

"It's not uncommon to see students crying on Halloween because they don't have the same kind of costumes that other kids have or they didn't bring the same amazing valentines that other kids do," Assistant Superintendent Glenn Mitcham said.

"We're striving hard at East Lansing Public Schools to be a district that is equitable and inclusive for all families."

Mitcham said that teachers will allow students to celebrate the holidays through different measures included in their curriculum, like measuring a pumpkin or crafting Valentine's Day cards.

"Each year, along with the fun of Halloween parties and parades, we also have students whose families do not celebrate or feel comfortable with their children participating in Halloween festivities," the joint letter stated.

"We have young children who become overwhelmed and sometimes frightened of the costumes and others who come to school with no costume at all."

The principals' added that Halloween causes classroom distractions and Valentine's Day leads to "teasing and drama" in upper classes.

The letter added that families and students "do not feel comfortable with the idea of boys and girls exchanging valentines or participating in a celebration that focuses on 'love.'"

"While this may be a disappointment and/or an adjustment for some of our students/families at first, we promise to continue to offer alternative days throughout the school year that are full of fun and learning, for everyone," the joint letter stated, according to MSN.

The cancellation of holidays in Michigan elementary schools comes shortly after an elementary school in Seattle, Washington announced that they were also cancelling Halloween for similar reasons, including that the holiday "marginalizes people of color."

Fox News host Jesse Watters announced Thursday that Fox News was sending "Big KitKats" to Benjamin Franklin Elementary School near Seattle in response to the school cancelling the holiday.