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Security hurries candidate Larry Elder away from attacker
While walking through a Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon, California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder had eggs thrown at him and his campaign team.

Video of the incident shows eggs being hurled through the air, with the first one nearly hitting Elder's head.

One member of Elder's team is seen ushering Elder away, telling him "We're getting egged from behind."

It is currently unclear whether Elder was hit by any of the eggs.

Language warning:

A number of people proceeded to get verbally and physically abusive towards one of Elder's team members, including a woman wearing a gorilla mask. Another person off-camera hit the team member in the head.

Republican candidate Elder has received backlash through his campaign to replace Governor Gavin Newsom as Governor of California through the recall election.

On Monday, a California professor speaking at a rally for Governor Gavin Newsom reportedly called Republican candidate Larry Elder "a black face on white supremacy" during the campaigning event.