larry elder
"I submit to you that systemic racism is not the problem and critical race theory and reparations are not the answer."

California governor recall candidate Larry Elder told Fox News in a recent interview that he would back legislation that forbade critical race theory in California's schools.

His exact words being "My preference is for local school boards to decide what the curriculum is, but I think this is so bad and so insulting that I would look into some legislation like that."

Last week, there was a lawsuit announced by parents in San Diego disputing the requirement that students are obligated to chant and pray to Aztec gods as part of the curriculum.

A critical race applied principle that deviates from the definition as said by California's School Boards Association:

"CRT is a practice of interrogating race and racism in society and the ways in which it impacts people. CRT emphasizes race as a social construct (a classification system developed by society that can change over time, rather than fixed biological categories) with social significance, not a biological reality. It acknowledges that racism is embedded within systems and institutions that replicate racial inequality — codified in law, embedded in structures, and woven into public policy."

Larry Elder believes parents should have "an option where they can send their kids to a school that teaches this kind of nonsense and give them an option to put their kid in another school that doesn't teach that. That's my preference."

That of course being contingent on him winning the governor recall election against Gavin Newsom, for which Elder is the Republican frontrunner.

Enough that the current California governor himself is mentioning Larry by name.

Larry Elder's campaign is drawing enough attention that earlier today a protester tried hurling an egg at the Republican frontrunner.

Vice President Kamala Harris flew in to California from DC to rally in support of Gavin Newsom, and President Biden is forecasted to show up within this next week.

Larry Elder's response to that: "If Gavin Newsom thinks that flying in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — not exactly the most admired government officials at the present time — will make him look better, that's all you need to know about how oblivious and detached Newsom is from a large majority of Californians."