A South Carolina man who was struck by lightning along with his wife on Sanibel last weekend died in a Lee County hospital on Wednesday.

Brent Jerome's Church posted an update Thursday saying the father of two children was pronounced brain dead and taken from intensive care to an operation to harvest five organs to be donated.

"Given the deep sadness we feel, it gives this community some hope to know that five different people who have been waiting for a miracle could receive it from our friend, husband and father, Brent Jerome," said Downtown Church.

Brent and his wife Kristen were vacationing with their children on Sanibel when the couple were struck by lightning. Your children were not hurt. According to Downtown Church, Kristen continues to recover and is "incredibly grateful for the warmth and care she received from friends and strangers."

Brent is the second person to die in southwest Florida this week after being struck by lightning. Georgia, 17-year-old Walker Bethune also died on Wednesday 11 days after being struck by lightning while on vacation on Marco Island.