rain moscow
After weeks of sweltering in unusual warmth, on Thursday Moscow saw strong winds and a deluge of rain that has caused disruption across the city, with the weather delaying flights and damaging property in the Russian capital.

A number of flights were delayed leaving the city's main international airport, Sheremetyevo, while video emerged online showing lightning strike the concourse.

Pedestrians in the Arbat struggle through the groundwater as surging rains flood the city.

Yevgeny Tishkovets of Russia's Phobos meteorological center, said that the weather was unlikely to blow through quickly. "Every day will be the same story," he said. "There will be a patchwork of thunderstorm clouds from time to time covered with showers, lightning and hail. Tomorrow will likely be similar, but things will ease up at the weekend."

Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport saw flights delayed, as its tarmac was flooded due to heavy rain.

Until now, the Russian capital has been experiencing a record-breaking heatwave, with the mercury soaring to levels not seen since 1951. Health officials had issued hazard warnings as the temperature rose as high as 32.7 degrees Celsius (90.9 Fahrenheit).

A driver braves floodwater near Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.