white woman assault amazon
In the midst of the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos went before Congress to hail the "much-needed race reckoning" America was going through and reportedly hired Robin DiAngelo to teach employees about "white privilege" and "white fragility."

On Thursday, one of Amazon's employees who appears to have been hopped-up on just such anti-white propaganda was filmed viciously assaulting an elderly white woman after reportedly telling her to "check her white privilege."

From The Daily Mail, "Female Amazon delivery driver, 21, tells complaining 67-year-old woman customer to 'check her white privilege' and then viciously beats her after being called a 'b***h' in feud over delayed package":
A 21-year-old Amazon delivery woman viciously beat another woman, 67, who had called her a bi**ch after the San Francisco-area driver told her to 'check her white privilege' when she'd complained about a delayed package.

Itzel Ramirez, the Amazon driver, was arrested after she was filmed assaulting the woman in Alameda County, the sheriff's office said on Friday.

[...] 'I believe the Amazon driver said something about "your white privilege," and my tenant said, "You don't need to be a b***h about it," turned around and walked away,' [Apartment complex owner Doug Smith] told KTVU-TV.

Ramirez was so enraged that she began punching the woman in the head and upper body, landing as many as 10 blows.

As the report noted, the assailant is now claiming she acted in "self-defense."

I guess she was just defending herself against "white supremacy"!

"Karen" was oppressing her with her "white privilege" just by existing!

In 2018, Facebook announced they were going to start censoring "misinformation" that leads to "real-world harm."

"We have identified that there is a type of misinformation that is shared in certain countries that can incite underlying tensions and lead to physical harm offline," Facebook said. "We have a broader responsibility to not just reduce that type of content but remove it."

They proceeded to go on a mass-censorship spree purging everyone who criticized mass immigration and other social media sites quickly followed suit.

Are they going to ban misinformation about non-existent "white privilege" now that it can be plainly seen to be causing real-world harm?

Of course not!

Just six months ago, Facebook announced they were overhauling their "race-blind" "hate speech" algorithms to explicitly allow more anti-white hatred!

This anti-white agenda is being pushed from the top down by the US government working in concert with the richest, most powerful and most privileged companies in the world!

Rather than try to ridiculously argue "self-defense," Amazon driver Itzel Ramirez should argue that she was just doing as she was trained!