Colombia mud volcano
Emergency in Antioquia due to the eruption of the mud volcano in Necoclí.
More than 20 families were evacuated after the eruption of the mud volcano in the municipality of Necoclí, which belongs to the Urabá subregion, confirmed municipal risk management authorities.

The entity pointed out that due to this situation it was necessary to transfer around 100 people from the Palmares de Ceniza village to a rural school in the Piedrecita village, where humanitarian care is provided.

The Voluntary Fire Department and the Civil Defense responded to the emergency, after the volcano expelled ash and boiling mud, as seen in some videos shared by the inhabitants of the area on social networks.

The aid organizations indicated that the 23 families were evacuated from the early morning when the high volcanic activity of that natural formation was identified until it erupted in the last hours.

The municipality's Risk Management coordinator, César Augusto Zúñiga, reported that "there was a pronounced eruption with lava and ash, which forced the entire village to be evacuated and, at this moment, the characterization of the families is being carried out."

"We have been in contact with all members of the municipal risk council and given the activity of the volcano, a meeting was called to analyze the situation and the subsequent dispatch of relief agencies," he said.

The official specified that the shelter was enabled after an emergency risk management council was held. He also indicated that an evaluation will be requested from the Risk Management Department of Antioquia (Dagran).

Dagran is expected to send a geologist to determine if it is safe for evacuated families to return to their homes.

"What is coming now is to serve the families and make a request to Dagran to support us with geological studies of this territory, because it is not the only volcano, " said the official.

"A commission was deployed to organize the issue of humanitarian aid . We are carrying out the characterization of the families to know how many people there are and to give humanitarian aid that includes everything that these families require ", he concluded.

Authorities continue to monitor the mud volcano to avoid a new emergency or another eruption that puts the inhabitants at risk.

The fact was also made known through social networks:

Meanwhile, the Necoclí Mayor's Office will request the Antioquia Risk Management Department (Dagran) to visit a geologist to determine the status of the volcano and establish whether or not the return of the inhabitants of this village is safe.

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