Jennifer Baker submitted this photo of snow in Coleville, Calif.
© Jennifer Baker
May snow in Coleville, Calif.
Tonya Daugherty was visiting the region from North Carolina and wasn't expecting snow during her trip to the Sierra.

"Nobody back home is going to believe this," she said.

The late spring Sierra storm even caught locals off guard. They heard about the winter storm advisory but didn't expect to see a winter wonderland this late in May.

"I'm used to the snow but I'm not used to the snow when it should be almost summer," said Mike Lake.

"Usually the weather is really nice during this time of year but I guess it just decided to up and dump on us randomly," Talia Moore said.

But not everyone was surprised. Scott Lee says he's seen snowfall in the Sierra well into summer.

"Very odd but it does happen. I've been up here in July and it snowed," said Scott.

Marty Lee came without a jacket, not knowing snow would make an appearance during her trip.

"Yup, it's snowing and it's nice and we are loving it," said Marty.

She was given a heads up about the change in weather conditions but didn't believe it at first.

"No we don't have big jackets or anything, we went to Virginia City, Reno and everybody was like you better head back down the hill before it snows we are like 'it's not going to snow,' " said Marty.

It was an unusual taste of winter with a strong cold front bringing wind, rain and snow.