Viktoria Basakovskaya
A Russian policeman has confessed to murdering his transgender ex-girlfriend. According to reports, the officer committed murder out of jealousy, before cutting off her finger to send decoy messages from the dead woman's phone.

On October 13, the body of 24-year-old Viktoria Basakovskaya was found in the village of Burmistrovo, close to Novosibirsk, the largest city in Siberia and 3,000km east of Moscow. Eight days previously, a 20-year-old policeman, named only as Denis K., announced her disappearance and even helped put up flyers. On the poster, Basakovskaya was named as Nikolai Basakovsky, the name she was born with and the name on her passport.

After some time, police suspicion began to focus on one of their fellow officers, Basakovskaya's ex-boyfriend. After interrogation, he confessed and revealed where he had hidden her body. According to the local investigative committee, she was found with strangulation marks on her neck.

The likely motive for the murder is jealousy, according to an investigation by local Novosibirsk newspaper After speaking to a close friend of Basakovskaya, it was revealed that she met Denis K. last year. He worked as a patrol officer for the railway police. Prior to dating Denis K., Basakovskaya had a long and complicated relationship with another man, named Maxim, and Denis K. remained jealous of that relationship throughout.

"He is a mentally ill person. I do not know how he was accepted into the police," said Alina (not her real name), a friend of Basakovskaya. "The relationship between Vika and Denis was not very good... According to Vika, he sometimes beat her to such a state that she lost consciousness."

According to Alina, she received a text message on the afternoon of October 5 from Viktoria's phone. The SMS declared that she was heading to visit her old boyfriend Maxim in Berdsk, another Siberian city. It also stated that Alina shouldn't worry, thanking her for her great friendship and also praising Denis K. It is presumed that at the time of these texts, she was already dead.

"He killed her early in the morning, and messages allegedly from Vika came to me in the afternoon," said Alina. "He cut off her finger and used it to unlock her phone to send a message. He wanted to cover his tracks."

Sometime after Baskovskaya went missing, Alina began to suspect Denis. She reported him to the police. Eventually, the police officer confessed to the murder and revealed where he had hidden the body - at a site 700 meters from the village of Burmistrovo.

As per Russian law, Denis K. faces between six and 15 years in prison.