Gun and shells
© AFP/Jean-Francois Monier
Police in central Russia are searching for an 18-year-old male after a shooting spree in a suburban town near Nizhny Novgorod on Monday. Three people were killed and three injured; one of the victims was the gunman's grandmother.

A police source told Moscow news agency TASS that the teenager, named as Daniil Monakhov, first had an argument with his grandmother, whom he wounded with a gunshot from a hunting weapon. He then killed a neighbor before opening fire on people at a nearby bus stop.

Cops believe Monakhov, who fled from the scene of the murders in a Kia car, is carrying two smoothbore shotguns, one of which he has held legally since September. He is believed to have around 40 rounds of ammunition in his possession.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon in the village of Bolsheorlovskoe, outside the town of Bor, itself a major suburb of Nizhny Novgorod, the country's sixth-largest city. Specialist officers from the Spetsnaz unit of the National Guard of Russia have been sent to the area to find Monakhov.

"According to preliminary data, the reason for the shooting, which was staged by 18-year-old local resident Daniil Monakhov, was a conflict between him and his grandmother," the law enforcement source told TASS. "He wounded the woman with a gun. Later they [presumably doctors] managed to revive her, but now her condition is very grave."

Local news outlet, quoting police sources, reported on Monday evening that the shooter's grandmother has died from her wounds, which would bring the number of victims to four. However, there is no official confirmation of this so far.

Telegram channel Lifeshot reported that "eyewitnesses say they counted about 16 shots" and added that "one of the victims is the driver of a local volunteer fire brigade."

Police have urged locals to stay at home while the manhunt is ongoing.