trump and putin
Part I - Some Thinking Required

On July 23rd, 2020, the Schiller Institute, an international human rights organization, and Executive Intelligence Review, a magazine founded by Lyndon LaRouche in 1974, held a news conference featuring former NSA analyst William ("Bill") Binney. The conference started with this proposition:
If it were shown, using competent forensic evidence, that there is no actual proof of Russian interference in the 2016 [US presidential] elections, by means of a Russian computer hack [into the servers] of the Democratic National Committee; If it were shown that it has always been knowable to the intelligence agencies of the United States and of Great Britain that no such hack ever occurred, and if it were shown that, though there was a request by the President of the United States, to have the analysts that have successively refuted that Russian hack story be interviewed; that their evidence then be presented to the President, and that that evidence, if proven true, be presented to the American people for their evaluation; so that justice could be done, though the heavens fall: if that directive were not carried out, would that defiance of such a Presidential directive in the pursuit of the truth, constitute a crime against the United States, a crime against the nation of Russia, and against the pursuit of world peace and the avoidance of war?"
The moderator of the news conference went on to note how the British Intelligence agencies summarized in 2003 that Saddam Hussein had gotten hold of uranium from Africa, ostensibly to build nuclear weapons. This intelligence helped propel the US and other powers into war with Iraq, killing more than 500,000 people, but the intelligence was not true. The Russian interference narrative has been pressed on the american people and all over the Western world for three years now, resulting in sanction after sanction against Russia, the refusal to let the Russian leadership state its own case, and the forcing of what appear to be hostile relations growing as the Russian Federation is forced into "tit for tat" moves against the United States.

The Russian government and people do not want war with the Americans. I know this from conversation with people who work intensively with the Russian governmental structures at this time. Russia is not concerned with the United States, but the sanctions pressed upon Russia by US fiat have become quite a challenge for the Russian government and businesses to continue in their efforts to get the domestic infrastructure of their nation on its feet.

Through this series, we are going to outline the case that William Binney makes in detail, with verification and where needed, information that is used to dispute his claims, in order to try to give our readers the fairest assessment on this issue possible. We will see that Mr. Binney confirms much of what many writers on The Duran and other independent news sources have been saying - that this is a false story. However, I think that in going through this, we will become shockingly aware of just how false it really is. First, it is only wise that I offer "full disclosure" of my own sense and biases about this issue:

I have long maintained that Russiagate in its entirety is a fake allegation along the following lines:
  1. Russia never attempted to interfere with the 2016 elections.
  2. Russia never intended, much less attempted to "sow discord and / or chaos" among Americans.
  3. President Trump's only possible "threat to the American Deep State" is that he wants to end that Deep State and restore normal and balanced relations with Russia, as well as other nations.
  4. The Republican Party is as complicit in sustaining the Russiagate narrative as the Democrats when it suits their needs
  5. The deliberately vague nature of this allegation make it "impossible" to disprove, furthering the suspense.
  6. There are people in the American government who hate and fear a resurgent, Christian, Russian Empire, or modern governmental structure resembling the Russian Empire in any form or similarity, particularly a strong and cooperative relationship between the State and the Russian Orthodox Church.
In contrast to the above listed points, I must offer these further points of belief:
  1. Donald Trump won the 2016 elections because he was by far the better candidate with a very smart campaign to back him up. He resonated with voters in a way Hillary Clinton simply could not.
  2. The "discord and chaos" in America is largely a function of leftist activism, accompanied by mind-numbing changes such as cannabis legalization in our largest states, creating a greater propensity for mobs of non-thinking people who are easily excited into rage. The use of shelter in place for months because of the coronavirus pandemic was like putting those people in a pressure cooker for two months. When they came out, they were outraged and very easily agitated.
  3. (The same as #3 above) - President Trump's only possible "threat to the American Deep State" is that he wants to end that Deep State and restore normal and balanced relations with Russia, as well as other nations.
  4. Lindsey Graham is among a group of GOP leaders that is using Russiagate to hamper Mr. Trump, even in the guise of supporting him. As long as any aspect of Russiagate is kept alive, it still has power to paralyze the President in execution of policy, particularly foreign policy.
Everything presented here to you can now be taken with the appropriate grains of salt, but my goal is to cover this as objectively as possible.

Before becoming a journalist, I was already an avid news observer. Reading publications like The Duran itself, along with Fox News, Breitbart, CNN, Alex Jones, and Drudge when Matt was supporting conservatism, I became extremely adept at "sniffing out the b.s." in just about any news story, particularly stories of a political nature. This is not a superpower, and my ability to do this is nothing special, but it is unusual in the present day context of three-word-slogans, absent of critical thought, but definitely present in terms of passionate, often violently irrational, actions.

Any person taking thirty seconds to one minute to carefully analyze whatever narrative they believe is able to find the "walls" - those places where the narrative's lack of factual support or logic show that there is nothing substantive to it, and that that person is being misled. "Black Lives Matter", the three-word-slogan du jour, is totally meaningless when compared with the actions of people who use this to attack black people, their businesses, police officers who are black, and most of all, the long-traditionally valued African-American family, often with a very Christian mother at the helm because the father is not there. Black Lives Matter as an organization, is dedicated to the destruction of everything that most African Americans wish they had: peace, solid families, opportunity for education and success, and freedom from having to depend on the government or anyone else.

That is just an example, but one that has reference points anyone can easily see. Russiagate is different, because it is a far more sophisticated hoax, perpetrated by people who are truly "masters of maskirovka", but according to the following information, these masters do not hail from Moscow or St Petersburg, Russia at all. However, as we will see, they might indeed hail from Moscow, Idaho, or St Petersburg, Florida.

Part II: NSA analyst explains

Part One of this series outlined the basic premise of Russiagate being a completely fake story for several reasons: It is deliberately vague, all-encompassing with regards to explaining "unexpected" results of the 2016 election as well as other successes accomplished by President Trump. It is valuable to even those in the Republican Party who say they support President Trump, namely Lindsey Graham, because they still get some arm-twisting power out of it in terms of scapegoating the Russian Federation in order for them to "look strong." Unfortunately, President Trump himself has either decided it is prudent to play along, or that perhaps he is somewhat taken in by the pervasive narrative as well, at least enough to approve sanction after sanction against the Russian Federation.

We charge that Russia never did any sort of election interference at all in the 2016 election, nor do they have the desire or intent to do the same in 2020.

UPDATE: It appears that Attorney General William Barr is at least somewhat on the same page, because he plans to completely decimate the Russiagate narrative in his upcoming Tuesday, July 28 appearance before the House Judiciary Committee. Fox covers this upcoming event here.

The narrative has served Democrats as a "excuse" for why they lost, and indeed, it was Adam Schiff recently who first became aware of a so-far unverified claim that Russia was paying bounty to Taliban troops to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. This claim was refuted by source rather well connected in Russia, who noted to me that the Russian Federation actually benefits from the American presence in that country because they interfere with opium exports into Russia, which has been struggling with a very nasty drug epidemic.

So, what do we think did happen? For that, we present WIlliam Binney, former NSA Technical Director, who gives his case. He speaks candidly, but uses some technical language. We will analyze his discussion here and we ask you the readers to pitch in in your comments, especially those who have technical backgrounds. This video is an excerpt of a major press conference run by the Schiller Foundation and LaRouche PAC, and I was The Duran writer present on the conference, given July 23, 2020.

If Mr. Binney is correct, the United States, and indeed, the entire world has a big scandal on its hands. There is a lot of information that suggests he is indeed correct. We will analyze this further.

Part III: The Brookings Institution and Ukraine

As our series continues, we briefly refer to the earlier parts of it: The first part of this series lays out the claim that we believe Russiagate to be a complete and total fabrication, mainly used by Democrats to damage or control President Trump, and also utilized by GOP people who wish to use it as a cover for their own Deep State activities, which are notably hostile to an increasingly Christian, traditionalist Russia. The second part of the series lays out the claims that the technologically-related side to Russiagate, the "theft" of files from the Democrat National Committee servers did not happen through the work of "Guccifer II", but it was a local hit made from three different spots in the US, linked to the good old CIA. (Interestingly enough, this second installment appears to be hitting roadblocks to being viewed, with Facebook preventing its being shared by me and an illogical lack of interest. Hmm...) Part Three of our report concerns the Steele Dossier, and a recent and definitive exposure of its creator.

He is not a Russian. But one might guess that Americans cannot tell the difference between Russian and Ukrainian names, language and style, because the man who provided most of the stories that went into the fabulously false "Steele Dossier" is revealed to be none other than Igor Danchenko. According to a piece coming from Fox News, Mr. Danchenko played a central role in the creation of this document. From Fox News Opinion writer, Greg Jarrett [Excerpted with emphases added]:
The fabulist behind the infamous and discredited anti-Trump dossier has finally been exposed. His name is Igor Danchenko.

When the dossier was invented in 2016, the president of Brookings was Strobe Talbott, a long-time friend and ally of Hillary Clinton. Her campaign provided the cash for the phony document that was composed by ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

Talbott helped fuel the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. But it was Danchenko who supplied Steele with most of the false stories contained in the dossier.

Danchenko's identity, concealed by the FBI for three and a half years, was uncovered by clever cybersluths and thereafter confirmed by his attorney.

Beginning a mere four days after Donald Trump was inaugurated in January of 2017, FBI agents interviewed Danchenko during three successive sessions. A summary of their findings - but with Danchenko's name redacted - was recently declassified and released to the public.

The stunning 56-page report revealed how the accusations supplied by Danchenko that Trump colluded with Moscow were false and fictive. Yet, the bureau kept this information carefully hidden.
This of course means the FBI was also in on this effort. Please note that we have our two TOP intelligence agencies fingered at this point, as the CIA appears to be responsible for the "data hack" part of the Russiagate story. With two agencies of this importance involved, one cannot avoid the truth: that this is a deep, broad coup d'etat in progress against President Trump, and any other candidate who They do not want. Gregg Jarrett continues:
Instead of revealing the truth and ending the investigation of the president, then-FBI Director James Comey escalated the case. Once fired, he stole government documents and leaked them to the media for the purpose of triggering the 22-month long probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that eventually concluded that there was no evidence of a collusion conspiracy.

Make no mistake - it was the dossier that propelled much of the FBI's collusion witch-hunt, as well as the warrants to spy on Trump campaign associate, Carter Page. Other scant evidence was discarded by the FBI early on, such as campaign adviser George Papadopoulos hearing a rumor that Russians had obtained Clinton's deleted emails...

...The newly declassified FBI report that explains how Danchenko served as Steele's "sub-source" for nearly all of the dossier's absurd fables is a cautionary example of how conjecture and lies based on multiple hearsays can take on a life of their own and hold a presidency hostage.

In March of 2016, Steele recruited and paid Danchenko to dig up dirt on Trump. The Brookings researcher/analyst seemed desperate for money. He told FBI agents that he "felt like he had to report something back to Steele" to justify the monthly salary he was receiving (page 12 of FBI report). So, he trafficked in gossip to keep the paychecks coming. Facts and truth were irrelevant.

In telephone calls and voice communications through Skype, Danchenko spoke with a handful of people he knew in Russia and others he described as "random associates" (p38). Some were barroom buddies with whom he would "drink heavily" (p17).

They traded fairy tales about Trump. It was nothing more than prattle and drivel - a guy told a guy who told me that someone connected to Trump might have done thus-and-such. You get the picture. It wasn't reliable intelligence; it was scandalous junk derived from "speculation and open secrets" (p30).

Danchenko insisted that he told Steele that his information was just "rumor and speculation and that he had not been able to confirm the story" (p39). According to the Justice Department Inspector General, Danchenko said that Steele "misstated or exaggerated" the hearsay that he furnished.
Let's assume here that Mr. Danchenko told the truth here, that he did indeed warn Mr. Steele that his information was just rumour and speculation. That shows the will of the plotters - It doesn't matter who you are or how you get what we need. Once we have what we want, we are done with you, too. Nothing matters but the cause and our desire for control.
For example, Danchenko claimed he spoke with staff at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow about the salacious story of Trump engaging in sexual improprieties inside a hotel room. The staff "laughed it off" (p39). But Steele didn't care; he was determined to use it against Trump.

He included the sordid tale in his dossier and then peddled it to both the FBI and the media in order to destroy Trump whom he admittedly loathed. Steele confided in Justice Department official Bruce Ohr that he was "desperate" to stop Trump.
One seriously has to stop and wonder "why?" Why is Donald Trump such a target for hate and loathing? Could it be because he carries out his work as a conservative? Could it be that once he actually was a Democrat and on friendly terms with the Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein and those kind of people? I suspect it is some of this.
Of course, the liberal mainstream media was more than happy to appropriate the Steele-Danchenko garbage...

...Anyone with half a brain who actually read the dossier when BuzzFeed published it on January 10, 2017 knew immediately that it was a work of fiction. It read like a horribly written spy novel. It was truly laughable. In my 2018 book, "The Russia Hoax," I wondered how anyone with an ounce of intelligence could take it seriously:

"On its face, the dossier was a preposterous collection of rumors, innuendos, supposition, and wild speculation. At least one part of it contained demonstrably false statements. In its entirety, the set of documents incorporated not a bit of direct evidence..."

It should come as no surprise that Danchenko worked for the Brookings Institution (a published paper by him is still listed on its website) at the very time that Strobe Talbott was president. Talbott, a dedicated Clinton loyalist, penned a frenzied column stating with certainty, "We already know that the Kremlin helped put Trump into the White House and played him for a sucker... Trump has been colluding with a hostile Russia throughout his presidency."
This is an example of how brazen lying manages to gain ground. This claim ought to be so scandalous as to bring lawsuit after lawsuit, so fast that any press engaging in this sort of libel would be sued out of existence. But this did not happen, because almost all of the mainstream press also aligned with the globalist Democrats to oppose and obfuscate Candidate / President Trump in any way possible. That effort continues to this day and is not expected to stop.
I [Gregg Jarrett continues] haven't seen Talbott's retraction or apology since the Mueller report came out, nor do I expect one. He has a lot to answer for, including his own contacts with Steele.

It just so happens that Talbott's brother-in-law is Clinton sycophant, Cody Shearer, who created what became known as the "second dossier." Remarkably, it echoed several of the identical fantastic allegations as the original Steele-Danchenko dossier - equally bereft of evidence or corroboration...

In my latest book, "Witch Hunt," I explained how "some of Shearer's own accusations against Trump were transcribed into the last few Steele memos, which were then passed on to the FBI." Hence, Clinton's campaign didn't just commission the dossier, her allies contributed to its contents.

The FBI knew all of this but continued to insist that Steele was reliable and the dossier was credible, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. The bureau scrupulously guarded their secret knowing full well that disclosure would ruin the public's trust in the FBI.

Attorney General William Barr and Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe are to be commended for having the courage to declassify the documents that have exposed the FBI's malevolence and malfeasance.

Did top officials at the FBI commit crimes? In my judgment, yes. Laws were perverted or ignored. The law enforcers became the lawbreakers.

When powerful forces in government abuse their positions of trust to subvert the legal process, democracy is threatened. Reverence to the rule of law is lost.

It is now up to U.S. Attorney John Durham to hold corrupt people accountable with criminal indictments.
It is truly amazing to put the pieces together. The forces gathered against President Trump are unmatched in their power, probably through all of American history. That the President has successfully accomplished as much as he has in this environment speaks volumes, both about what happens when someone insists on refusing to "play the DC game" and to tell the truth and keep their promises to the American people in the best way possible.