posobiec Lincoln Park protesters
© Reuters / Leah Millis
Protesters tell journalist Jack Posobiec to get out of the Lincoln Park in Washington, DC, US, June 26, 2020
Conservative commenter Jack Posobiec has been harassed, branded a Nazi and chased away by a crowd of protesters, who had gathered in Washington, DC, dead set to tear down a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Posobiec attended Friday's demonstration calling for the removal of the Emancipation Monument in DC, live-streaming the event to followers online. But once spotted in the crowd, the pundit was surrounded by hostile activists, who demanded he leave the protest.

Footage of the encounter shared on social media shows demonstrators getting physical with Posobiec, with one helmeted activist apparently trying to steal his cell phone as he was escorted away from Lincoln Park. At some point, he was also doused with an unknown liquid.

The pundit was harassed for several blocks after leaving the main protest area, eventually flanked by security personnel who evacuated him to safety. Once he was gone, protesters continued a standoff with police, with one pushed to the ground after becoming aggressive with an officer.

Following the incident, Posobiec said he had filed a police report and intends to press charges, though against whom was left unclear.

Earlier on Friday, a black tour guide who came to the event as a counter-protester - chastising the crowd for wanting to tear down the Lincoln statue without knowing its history - was also hounded by activists. Though one protester apparently tried to mediate the dispute, another is seen tearing a megaphone out of the tour guide's hands.