© REUTERS/Antonio Bronic
New Zealand's picturesque beaches resemble something from a horror film, after the sandy shorelines have taken on a reddish tint due to hordes of small lobsters perishing while attempting to breed.

The bizarre sight occurred in Otago, in the south of the country, where millions of squat lobsters clung to the beach during high tide but then perished once the tide retreated. The crustaceans "settle" on sand during mating season, but it appears all of the good real estate was occupied - forcing countless lobsters to take their chances on the beach.

The aftermath of their fateful error can be seen in a stunning photograph, which shows a beach with streaks of dark red in the sand.

However, their demise hardly means the end of squat lobsters in New Zealand. An expert who studies the creatures told the Guardian that the perished lobsters are only a "tiny" fraction of the overall.