The carcasses of a Baleen whale and a Pygmy sperm whale washed ashore different coasts of Dahanu between Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, the highly decomposed carcass of a Baleen whale, around 45 feet and 8 feet width, washed ashore Parnaka in Dahanu.

The carcass that left a stinking smell in the surrounding attracted the attention of locals who informed the forest department.

Officials along with members of the Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare Association (WCAWA), an NGO involved in rescuing turtles, reached the spot.

An excavator was used to dig a six-foot deep pit in which the carcass was buried. A huge crowd had gathered to have a glimpse of the whale. Dhawal Kansara, member of the WCAWA said that it was a herculean task to bury the carcass.

On Sunday at around 6 am, a six feet pygmy sperm whale was found dead on the Bharwad beach in Dahanu's Bordi.

As news of the toothed whale, not often sighted at sea, spread, people from surrounding villages gathered around the carcass. The forest department along with the WCAWA members dug a pit and buried the whale.