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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer
All last week, we told you about Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and what she was doing in the name of science to respond to this coronavirus pandemic.

She banned the sale of forbidden objects -- paint, carpet, gardening supplies. She took control of the state's highways. She forbade residents from traveling to their own homes. She claimed this was rational and legal, though she never cited, of course, any scientific justification for all of this.

She says she must continue to do it, however, because keeping residents indoors is comparable in importance to beating Nazi Germany.
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: President Trump called this a war and it is exactly that. So, let's act like it.

In World War II, there weren't people lining up at the capitol to protest the fact that they had to drop everything they were doing and build planes or tanks or to ration food. They rolled up their sleeves and they got to work.
Oh, so nobody complained during the Second World War. They were obedient little serfs who did exactly what their leaders told them to do. And why can't people in Michigan in 2020 do the same?

And why do they have to ask uncomfortable questions about what Gov. Whitmer is doing? They should shut up, and if they don't, we are going to arrest them.

That's her position. She wants her citizens quiet and subservient. Why? Because quiet and subservient people won't interfere with what she plans to do.

And what is she planning to do? Well, merge the state government of Michigan with the state Democratic Party.

Oh. You shouldn't be surprised. No one as mediocre as Gretchen Whitmer could become governor without the party brass backing her. And as governor, she is returning that favor in spades.

Recently, her government has been mounting an effort to trace the contacts of known coronavirus cases. Now, there are a lot of companies that could do that, but only a few of them are de facto arms of the Democratic Party in Michigan. So who do you think Gretchen Whitmer turned to?

You don't need to guess twice. On Monday, Michigan's Health Department announced a contract with a group called Great Lakes Community Engagement. That's a company that describes itself as specializing in quote, "outreach campaigns to engage citizens."

They're lying by omission. In fact, it's a leftwing activist group linked to a man named Mike Kolehouse, a former Occupy Wall Street leader who has become one of the state's top Democratic political operatives. The company had been paid huge sums to collect signatures in support of leftwing ballot initiatives. Now, Whitmer wants them to be paid and to collect information on her citizens' health.

Now to do that, this group was going to use software from EveryAction, that's a company that brags is "the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns." Its software is used by Planned Parenthood, NextGen Climate, NERAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, among other groups -- all of whom, by the way, Whitmer has served as governor. Keep in mind, she is selling lotto tickets, banning operations, allowing abortions.

This almost worked. Gretchen Whitmer is shoveling tax dollars to her political allies in the middle of a pandemic. But on Tuesday, Michigan press outlets asked her office, why are you hiring a far leftwing activist to lead a public health initiative in the middle of an emergency? Wouldn't that be like the president replacing Anthony Fauci with Steve Bannon?

It would be seen as political. Nothing against Steve Bannon, but that would not be seen as a non-partisan move made in the name of science, would it?

Whitmer's office replied simply by canceling the contract. They were caught this time because finally someone was watching. But don't worry, they will try again.