Move over March, April is the new leader when it comes to big snows in Fort Collins.

The city officially recorded 12.2 inches of snow Thursday at the Colorado State University station, which nudged April past March in the number of 12-inch or larger snows.

Historically, April now has 14, one more than March, according to the Colorado Climate Center. April already has the most 16-plus and 20-plus snows in the city.

The 12.2 inches makes it our snowiest day of the season, surpassing the 11.6 inches that fell Nov. 26.

Sites on the western side of Fort Collins reported around 13 inches of snow with those on the south side of the city around the 11- to 12-inch mark.

The wet, heavy snow also provided 1.3 inches of moisture at the CSU site, giving us 1.59 inches for April.

Not only was it wet, but cold as well. Fort Collins set a record low of 8 degrees Friday morning, marking the coldest recording for that day since it was 9 degrees in 1901.

Snow totals

The National Weather Service, in addition to its own official sites, uses rain, snow and hail measurements from trained people who belong to the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network for a better picture of weather events. These totals reflect the latest reporting from the stations and where they are located:

Fort Collins: 12.2 inches
3W Jamestown: 30.3 inches
2E Allenspark: 22 inches
1.8S Estes Park: 17.5 inches
Boulder: 16.9 inches
4ENE Red Feather Lakes: 16 inches
7E Pingree Park: 14.1 inches
3NNW Horsetooth Mountain: 12 inches
4WSW Berthoud: 13.3 inches
Longmont: 12 inches
Denver: 12 inches
9WSW Rustic: 11.5 inches
4WSW Drake: 11 inches
2W Timnath: 10.8 inches
1NE Glen Haven: 10.7 inches
2NW Lovleand: 10.5 inches
2SSE Laporte: 10.2 inches
2NW Carter Lake: 10.2 inches
Nunn: 10 inches
3.7WNW Wellington: 9 inches
6SW Greeley: 8.1 inches
3W Windsor: 8 inches

April big snow month

This has been a good snow month for Fort Collins.

After Thursday's snow, which was the fourth snowiest single day in April in the city, we have received 18.1 inches in the month, nearly three times the average of 6.2 inches, according to the Colorado Climate Center.

That also puts us at 73.8 inches for the season, which is 18 inches above average and our sixth-snowiest season through this date. The last time we had this much snow at this date was in 2009-10 when we had 83 inches of snow.

Since Sunday, we have received 16.7 inches of snow. This week in 2013, we received the city's third-largest snowfall with 22.4 inches, ending on April 15.

And if you think our snowfall totals are impressive, check out Boulder.

It received 16.9 inches Thursday and sits at 151.2 inches on the season, which smashed its all-time high of 142.9 inches in 1908-09.

Snowpack looking good

The four northern river basins are all reporting more than 100% of average snowpack, while the four southern basins are all reporting below 100% averages.

The South Platte basin leads the state at 121% as of Friday, according to the National Resources Conservation Service. This basin includes Fort Collins and Denver. The Laramie/North Platte and Yampa/White basins were at 113% and the Upper Colorado Headwaters basin at 112%.