Paul Stamets
It is no secret that Monsanto has no conscience when it comes to their pesticides. Their genetically modified products contain chemicals like glyphosate that is known to cause cancer and other harmful diseases such as liver disease. These chemicals have been contaminating other farms and crops as well, some may even be in the food you ate today.

They even make it hard for "mom and pop" farms to succeed as drift from Monsanto crops is dangerous to their farms. It contains a chemical called "dicamba" and will kill crops that aren't genetically modified to withstand it. One peach farmer in Missouri lost millions because of this, and he wasn't the only one who has. These chemically charged pesticides are doing more harm than good. Clearly, there needs to be a more natural and less invasive alternative to pest control, this is where Paul Stamets comes in.

Paul Stamets and his Amazing Fungi

Paul Stamets has been a mycologist or a fungi biologist for over 40 years. During his years of research and has won awards such as the National Geographic's Adventure Magazine's Geen-Novator. Conservation of fungi and the environment is very important to him, on his website he explains, "At the current rates of extinction, this last refuge of the mushroom genome should be at the top of the list of priorities for mycologists, environmentalists, and government. If I can help advance this knowledge, I will have done my part to protect life on this planet." (1)

The patented pesticide that Paul has discovered is a type of fungi he has named SMART pesticides. This natural pest control is made by taking an entomopathic Fungi that naturally destroys insects and morph it so that it doesn't produce spores. By doing this it will attack insects that eat it, turning them into fungi from the inside out. (2)

The best part about the pesticide is that it is non-GMO and 100% safe for both people and the environment. Paul creates the fungi by using standard tissue culture and natural selection so there are no transgenic methods being used. He also ensures that the strain he creates through this process is trained to harm only targeted insects. This is very important to Paul, he says "we do not wage war against insects. We just want to protect our homes, crops or bees without causing collateral harm to the ecosystem." (2)

What's Next for Paul Stamets?

Paul Stamets is now the creator of a company called Fungi Perfecti that specializes in "using mushrooms to improve the health of the planet and its people". They make products that help support the immune system by selling gourmet mushrooms and all natural vitamins. They also offer an organic pesticide-free alternative to white button mushrooms that can easily be grown by anyone.

Here are some of the amazing fungi products he has on his website:

1.Indoor Growing Kits: These kits help you easily grow your own organic mushrooms at home. The availability of the kits depends on the type of mushroom and the season.

2.Mushroom Supplements: These all natural supplements harvest the healing powers of the mushroom to strengthen the immune system and promote body function.

3.Body and Skin Care: This section features products like an all natural insect repellent and mushroom soap. There is also a natural topical lotion that helps cuts heal by promoting blood flow to the affected area without any side effects.

4.Mushroom Books: Here you can find books on all mushroom-related topics such as "Common Mushrooms of the Northwest" and "Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes"

More Information On The Power of Mushrooms

Paul also gives seminars that share his extensive knowledge of mushrooms to others. Their classes combine informative lectures and presentations with hands-on training in labs and grow rooms. It is all supervised by Paul and his select group of skilled Fungi Perfecti staff.

One example is the Stamets Cultivation Seminar that conducts workshops on mushroom cultivation where participants learn how to maximize their yield. There is also the Mycelium Running Seminar where over two days participants learn about how mushrooms can help the environment.

For more information on the products offered by Paul Stamets and Fungi Perfecti visit their website at