Comment: The guy had some brass ones to even put himself in the running for minister in the first place...

Jean-Paul Delevoye
© Reuters/Benoit TessierFrench Minister for Pensions Jean-Paul Delevoye quits after it is revealed he has shares in the Wall Street bank that would profit from his 'reforms'
The French official tasked with overseeing the pension reforms that sparked disruptive strikes across France has resigned, the presidency announced Monday. It comes in the wake of reports he'd failed to disclose outside incomes.

In a statement, Emmanuel Macron's office said that High Commissioner for Pensions Jean-Paul Delevoye had decided to resign "on his own initiative."

France is currently in the midst of crippling protests and union-led strikes over the government's pension-reform efforts. Macron's administration has refused to accede to the demands against the new measures, which were unveiled by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe last week.

French media recently reported that Delevoye had failed to disclose outside income from a number of positions he'd held while also serving on the cabinet. He'd reportedly bagged around โ‚ฌ123,000 from those roles since he assumed his cabinet role; after it came to light, he said he'd reimburse the sum.

His resignation could be seen as a major blow to Macron as protests continue to rage over the controversial pension changes.

Critics of the proposed new pension regime say it will force people to work longer and for less money, and protesters say they will continue taking to the streets until their objections are heard.