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Harvard Professor David Keith has been dubbed the father of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) or more commonly known as Geoengineering. In short, airplanes spray nanoparticles of aluminum and barium into the sky, which mixes to create a screen that reflects the sun's radiation in the opposite direction of the earth's atmosphere in hopes of combating climate change.

For those who dub this a conspiracy theory, please refer to the United States patent-4686605 which is valid evidence that the U.S. government is experimenting with the weather by altering regions in the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and the magnetosphere.

The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being carelessly destroyed by such programs. This is not a topic that will affect us in several years because it is negatively impacting us right now.

Former Chairman Bart Gordon from the Committee on Science and Technology of the U.S. House of Representatives released a 50-page report in 2010 titled "Engineering the Climate."

"It is important to acknowledge that climate engineering carries with it not only possible benefits, but also an enormous range of uncertainties, ethical and political concerns, and the potential for harmful environmental and economic side-effects," the report states.

In short, the large-scale deployment of climate control may benefit certain populations at the expense of others.

"Biological and land-based geoengineering alters carbon uptake, sunlight absorption, and other biophysical factors that affect climate together. Geoengineering for carbon or climate will alter the abundance of water, biodiversity, and other things we value," Dr. Robert Jackson from the Stanford School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Science explains on page 30 of the report.

John O. Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency described to the Council on Foreign Relations certain methods of warfare, one being SAI. What is troubling is that the meeting between the CFR and the CIA happened half a decade ago.

"One of the key misconceptions about solar geoengineering, putting aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight, and reducing global warming is that it could be used as a fix-all to reverse climate change trends and bring temperatures back to pre-industrial levels," Harvard's John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, explains on its website.

David Keith's Harvard office declined to answer interview questions but did relay the following in an email.

"We don't do any work on weather modification. We do work on solar geoengineering which is a very different topic," the email states.

So dumping particles of metals into the sky to manipulate the relationship between the earth and the sun, isn't considered weather modification? It's not hard to see that this method of combating climate change holds the potential to negatively impact us and generations to come.