Hong kong protester
© Reuters/Jorge Silva
Anti-government protesters hold placards and a US flag during a rally at the University of Hong Kong, China September 20, 2019.
Beijing has taken a not-so-subtle swipe at Washington, lambasting unnamed countries for using color revolutions and "big sticks" to meddle in the internal affairs of China and other nations.

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe took aim at the United States - without calling out Washington by name - during an address at the Xiangshan Forum, China's annual conference on security and defense issues, on Monday.
Wanton interference in other countries' affairs will never win. Interfering in other countries' domestic affairs, instigating a color revolution or even attempts to subvert the legitimate governments of other countries are the real causes of wars and unrest in different regions [around the world].
Without getting into specifics, he decried nations which "wield their big sticks", such as sanctions, to exert "maximum pressure" on their rivals.

"The Chinese people don't buy such intimidation and we are not afraid [to fight]," he added.

Beijing has repeatedly accused Washington of playing a role in the ongoing protests that have rocked Hong Kong since March, going so far as to accuse the United States of being "insanely involved" in the semi-autonomous territory.

The Chinese foreign ministry has issued regular warnings to its American counterparts, telling the Trump administration that it should not "stick their noses in our affairs."

The White House "firmly rejects" the notion that the US is sponsoring or inciting the demonstrations.Originally motivated by a now-suspended bill that would have allowed the extradition of criminal suspects to mainland China, the increasingly violent protests have taken a broader anti-Beijing angle.