Fordham University
What a cesspool Fordham University in New York City has become. It's the alma mater of Deep State crooks John Brennan and Jerrold Nadler and more. It also is where Deep State initiatives are conceived.

We first noticed Fordham University's connections with the corrupt actors in the Deep State when observing a recent article at the Atlantic. In the piece Mr. Bruce Green, who is a professor at Fordham University, says this -
Bruce Green comments Fordham Univ
Fordham University has many far left positions. They have a video stating that they still believe Christine Blasey Ford's accounts of being groped 30 years ago by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (even though she can't remember the day, place or age she was when this occurred and has no witnesses and threatened the woman who was allegedly with her to lie)...

Fordham Univ Blasey Ford Kavanaugh accuser
Fordham University is active in promoting the far-left agenda while squashing conservative ideas. See a short list below -

* Fordham Article Called Elizabeth Warren Harvard Law's "First Woman of Color"

* Outrageous... Fordham University Pressures Campus Republicans to Cancel Coulter Speech

* MSNBC guest and Fordham University professor Christina Greer also dismissed the murder of university student Mollie Tibbetts as "a girl in Iowa" that "FOX News is talking about."

* New York AG candidate Zephyr Teachout, a law professor at Fordham University in NY, promised to not only abolish ICE if elected, but to prosecute ICE agents for their criminality as well.

* The same guy's behind the 25th Amendment debacle with Trump....

* Fordham is also connected with ISIS sympathizers.... According to an analysis by Fordham University, Americans who are prosecuted for ISIS-related cases received on average 13.5 years in prison.

* Fordham also is associated with the same people who called Navy Seal Kyle and his friends a buncha savages

* Fordham reported in its Observer the following in 2018 -
On Sept. 30, Fordham Law students penned an open letter protesting the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and supporting the accounts of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Professor Anita Hill and survivors of sexual violence, worldwide. The original drafters of the letter released it to Fordham students, allowing them to sign their names in support ahead of Kavanaugh's confirmation vote on Oct. 6. By the time of the vote, 271 law students, faculty, alumni and staff had signed along with 103 students, faculty and alumni from other schools within Fordham University.

The letter sent a strong warning to U.S. Senators, indicating that their votes would signal just exactly how they believe survivors should be treated in the country. "Senators, you will fail the citizens who voted you into office if you confirm Brett Kavanaugh," it read. "Your position of power and privilege allows you to worry about the implications of this vote on the future of your party and, perhaps, your own political aspirations ... By voting no, you have the opportunity to declare that an individual's experience of being sexually assaulted matters."
Kavanaugh protest Fordham
The article leaves out the name of the drafters....but it is highly probable that Mr. Green was one of them, who just happened to be connected to Blasey Ford.

* We also know from an article that no longer exists on the web that New York Senator Gillibrand opposed Kavanaugh's nomination because of his stance on abortion during an event at Fordham -
NY Senator Gillibrand Fordham
The group noted above is connected to George Soros, of course, as well -
Demand Justice linked George Soros
* Heather Gautney is senior policy adviser to Bernie Sanders and is an associate professor at Fordham University and the author of the book "Crashing the Party: From the Bernie Sanders Campaign to a Progressive Movement".

* The guy at Fordham University that wrote a paper on reproductive rights in Latin America is the same guy that's writing Sanders' position on America providing abortion to other countries.

* Fordham University hosted a conference on cyber security which included Deep State actors and FBI plants in the White House as presenters -
Fordham cyber security conference
* In 2016 by Obama Deep State participant Lisa O. Monaco presented at the cyber security conference -
Fordham cyber security conference
This talk coincided with the date that Obama began to establish the 'Obama Commission for Enhancing Cybersecurity'. This is the same commission that Steven Chabinsky, the owner of CrowdStrike served on.

* John Brennan is now a Senior Fellow at Fordham, which happens to be his alma mater -
John Brennan Sr Fellow Fordham
* Obama Deep State actor Hera Abbasi, is connected to Fordham -
Hera Abbasi Fordham
* In September 2018 Fordham held a presentation with alums and two of the most corrupt actors in the Deep State - former Obama CIA Chief John Brennan and House Representative Jerrold Nadler. -
John Brennan and Jerrold Nadler Fordham
Fordham University appears to be Deep State University. The most corrupt actors in the US today, those who are attempting to remove President Trump from office at any cost and those who have tried, appear to all be connected to this New York City university. Shame on Fordham!