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Christians have been awaiting the return of Christ for two millennia, and now he has allegedly landed in Kenya.

A man claiming to be Jesus, the Son of God, is currently touring South Africa, according to photos and videos shared by locals across social media.

One user recounted that a Kenyan pastor found "Jesus" walking on the streets of Kenya and invited him to a church.

Photos of the long-haired, bearded, white man speaking to an audience from a stage surfaced. He was wearing a white robe with a blue mantle, in line with the traditional depiction of Jesus in Western culture.

Videos have also surfaced of him dancing in the Kenyan town of Kitengel...

...and waving to people out of a car's sunroof.

There is also speculation that he was seen in South Africa. "A pastor from South Africa invited Jesus from heaven to preach in his church today. Local man [sic] have seen enough," a user wrote on Sunday.

The man's identity - whether it be divine or earthly - has not been established so far.