oliver stone revealing ukraine
Putting an end to the war in Donbass and telling the truth about the events of 2014 in Ukraine. These were Oliver Stone's goals when he was making his new film. The movie was recently presented at a film festival in Italy, where it won an award. In an interview with Eugeny Popov of Russia 1 earlier this month, Oliver Stone shared the issues he reveals through the prism of the Ukrainian crisis.

Filmmaker Oliver Stone said the 2019 presidential election in Ukraine was "not a real election," accusing former president Petro Poroshenko of having "tried every dirty trick in the book," and said the "conventional media" demonises Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a press conference at the Taormina Film Festival last Thursday.

"The election was not held in the Donbass region, so a lot of the Ukrainians who have empathies for Russia and the Crimea, for example, they did not vote. They were cut off from voting," Stone said, discussing the 2019 election in Ukraine.

"Poroshenko, when he was in office, declared martial law in certain regions of Ukraine because he wanted to win the election and he tried every dirty trick in the book."

The award-winning filmmaker also discussed European and Italian media bias, saying: "The situation in Europe is not what they hear sometimes from the conventional media. And many of you represent that media, and you're in the room, so you know that there's a split here."

He added: "Try to listen to the other side, and that goes back to your issues with Berlusconi and Salvini and Mr Putin who you villainise, you demonise, as a friend of Berlusconi. This is not a very constructive way to see your politics."

Stone was in Italy to promote 'Revealing Ukraine' a documentary by Ukrainian filmmaker Igor Lopatonok, which features Stone interviewing opposition Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk.