Sognefjellet, Norway July 3, 2019

Sognefjellet, Norway July 3, 2019
Freezing Norwegians and tourists on summer holiday in the country can finally look forward to some warmer weather. State meteologists are forecasting lots of sun next week, and higher temperatures.

Complaints have continued to pour in, as cold rain has fallen over much of Norway in recent days. Temperatures sank to minus-6C in the mountains of Southern Norway on Wednesday and there's been quite a bit of unusual summer snow at high elevations.

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Now it will melt. Meteorologist Camilla Albertsen of weather service StormGeo told newspaper VG that a new high-pressure system is due to move in from Monday, and bring with it calmer winds, lots of sunshine and temperatures in the high teens. By mid-week, some areas of Southern Norway are likely to bask in "perfect" weather of 25C and clear skies.

Northern Norway will also get warmer weather, up to 18-20C in Nordland County. Temperatures will remain at around 12-16C in other areas, chilliest along the coast, but the rain may stop. Troms and Finnmark were due to get warmer weather over the weekend.