Trump tweets
© Reuters/Mario Anzuoni
As tensions ratchet up between Washington and Tehran, the internet is taking a moment to appreciate the irony of some of President Donald Trump's old tweets warning that Barack Obama was stoking war on Iran to stay in office.

Some of Trump's tweets from Obama's first term are coming back to haunt him again in light of the eerie similarities between the warnings and the current aggressive moves by his own administration.

Trump's warnings weren't once off tweets selectively picked from the pack - he pushed the line that Obama was planning an attack on Iran to secure his position more than seven times in a little over a year!

Oddly enough, while he was slamming the premise of war for political gain, Trump himself seemed to be seriously gunning for open conflict with Iran.

At least Trump has been consistent in his inconstancy. Although he has been hard-line about enforcing and imposing sanctions, the president has been rather ambivalent about potential military options. When asked about the rumors of sending 120,000 troops into the Middle East to "check" Iranian influence, the president said he hoped it wouldn't come to that and called the idea "fake news"... before immediately adding that that's because it would be "a hell of a lot more troops than that."