redacted dancing israeli photos

Comment: 9/11 researcher Ryan Dawson gives an interview regarding his analysis of redacted photos released by the FBI.

There are still 66 more missing pictures.
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redacted photo dancing isralis

Redacted photo reconstructed
Sivan far right was wearing gray and black shirt when he was arrested. . One with hole in the left knee had light short hair with curls that's Paul, because Yaron has long hair and Ellner has dark straight hair. The brothers are next to each other. This Yaron is middle left in the overalls, and Ellner the tallest is on the far left. Also you can tell from the shadow of the top picture that the man in white shirt with jeans with no holes does not have long hair.
police report dancing israelis 911
police report dancing israelis 911

Police Report
Witnesses had seen him, the dark haired man, taking pictures of the other three each of whom had been on the roof on the van and had taken pictures flicking a lighter. Although the NYT was shown a picture of Sivan flicking a lighter, the photo we have is of his brother doing the same thing. There are still 66 more pictures. You can see that they were kneeling and smoking cigarettes.
redacted dancing israeli photos
This is fitting with the crime scene evidence of a number of cigarette buds as well multiple witnesses placing them there as early as 8am. They were waiting. The WTC is South East of where they are standing. You can tell by the shadow combined with all the photos showing the North Tower smoke blowing SE that this was early morning and most likely before the Tower was hit. Now these photos are from two different locations. One in the Roof of Urban Moving Systems. One is on top of the van parked at Doric towers.
redacted dancing israeli photo
dancing israeli photo match location
Notice the chain fence in the background and that they are sitting on top of a van.
redacted dancing israeli photo
Same fence from when I visited there.
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The interview with Ryan Dawson: