© Reuters / Kai Pfaffenbach
Air traffic to and from Frankfurt Airport in southern Germany was suspended for half an hour, after two drones were seen in the vicinity, an airport spokesperson said on Friday.

Flights were suspended from around 5.15pm local time after the two unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted near the southern end of the airport site. Air traffic resumed after about 30 minutes.

The airport tweeted that there was "no chaos" over the incident.

The Frankfurt stoppage follows a number of recent similar incidents in the UK which caused serious air travel chaos. A series of reported- but-unconfirmed drone sightings at Gatwick Airport in December 2018 resulted in disruptions to hundreds of flights, affecting thousands of passengers. Two locals initially questioned over the incident were cleared of any involvement, and no further arrests followed.

Just weeks later, flights at Heathrow were grounded for an hour as a precautionary measure, after a drone was spotted in the area.