Just some reflections that have been coming to mind since my participation in the Gilet Jaune march (Acte XII) for those afflicted by state-sanctioned violence since protests began on November 17th 2018.

What I witnessed on Saturday at the end of a peaceful and unified GJ march through the streets of Paris where people came out onto their balconies to wave French flags and yellow balloons as we passed - has shown me the reflection of evil that was capable of financing and promoting the mass-murdering extremist and terrorist groups that have dismembered Syrian bodies and shed Syrian blood on Syrian soil.

That reflection is in the government of Macron and Hollande before him who welcomed the Al Qaeda #WhiteHelmets into the Champs Elysee and the Assemblee Nationale before Macron mutilated, gassed and trampled his own people in the Champs Elysee and across France with the same spit-in-your-face disregard for human life as their terrorist counterparts in Syria.

What we are witnessing is the turning of the jackboot of power and globalism against its own people, "the little people" who are of no consequence to the giants among the ruling elite, the wealthy, the privileged who profit from the spilling of blood.
gilet jaune protest child
© Vanessa Beeley
Just one of the "peste brune" "fascist" protestors on the 15,000 strong march in Paris on 2/2/2019. Acte XII in honour of the victims of state violence during GJ protests.
In Syria I witnessed the opening of humanitarian corridors for civilians during the battles to liberate city suburbs from US Coalition terrorist occupation. What I witnessed on Saturday in Place de la Republique was the closing of all escape routes for terrified civilians, children and passers by before they were gassed, shot at, beaten and crushed under the boots of state militia. I saw lobotomised violence endorsed and sanctioned by the French state while it points its withered, calcified finger of blame at Syria and now at Venezuela.

Macron's coterie of bankster and mafia thugs have unleashed the hounds of hell upon their own people - if they are capable of fomenting insurgence in Syria , they are more than capable of producing and encouraging the fascist elements that discredit the GJs and enable the state to introduce increasingly repressive measures against its own people, eroding liberty, equality and fraternity with a terrifying expansion of state sanctioned violence and brutatlity.

gilet jaune protest
© Vanessa Beeley
Fascism on the streets of France, sponsored by the state. Place de la Republique 2//2/2019.
What I witnessed in Syria was a government, a state, an army doing all in its power to preserve civilian life despite the most destructive hostile infiltration of their culture by external forces, including France. What I witnessed in "civilised" France was the intent to destroy life, any life, to disable, maim and disfigure civilians to protect the Emperor and his corrupt cabal of globalists and capitalist bloodsuckers.

Macron is effectively the "gas killing animal", his mafioso Interior Minister, Castaner, is the hand behind the police robotization and savage reprisals against their own people. Look in the mirror Macron because all that you accuse Syria and Venezuela of is who and what you are. You are exposed to be the marionette of neoliberalism, the fascist in accountant's finery. You are the "bubble that burst" on the sword of dissent. Just as you underestimated the solidarity and history of the Syrian people, you have underestimated the depth of the roots of your own people in the soil of "liberte, egalite and fraternite".

gilet jaune protest sign macron
© Vanessa Beeley
Just one of the boards carried on the Gilets Jaunes march, Acte XII, Saturday 2nd February 2019.

The French state is using a more potent gas against its own people. It is now proven that state militia are using CM3 gas in preference to CM6 gas in some cities. CM3 is six times more intense than CM6 and can cause skin lesions and damage to the cornea along with increased nausea, burns to the face and during prolonged exposure (which is the current police tactic) damage can be permanent and risk of chronic conditions increased.