Trump was right!
The #FakeNews media is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE...

The Washington Post has a guest contributor who ordered the deaths of 26 journalists in Yemen.

The Islamist contributor Mohammed al-Houthi likes to carry an AK47 with him even to interviews.
Mohammed al-Houthi
And now this...
Mohammed al-Houthi was recently filmed launching a shoulder-fired missile while chanting "Death to Israel!... Death to America!"

death to america
He sounds like a reasonable man.

And there's more...
Via Conservative Review:
Ali Shihabi, the founder of the Arabia Foundation, a Washington D.C.-based Middle East think tank, confirmed to Conservative Review that it is indeed al-Houthi in the video. Shihabi tells CR that it is "documentary evidence of the type of leader" that the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen is up against, whom "many critics have ignored."

Other videos have surfaced showing Mr. al-Houthi traveling in a vehicle with very young male soldiers (the Houthi rebels draft child soldiers) while stationed at a mounted machine gun.