Serbia protest corruption president
© AP / Darko Vojinovic
Thousands have taken to the streets in the Serbian capital of Belgrade late on Sunday to protest - for the fifth week in a row - the policies of the country's president, Aleksandar Vucic.

Demonstrators carried banners with the words, "We are the people," "Stop the treason, defend the constitution and back the people" and "down with the thieves" as loudspeakers played recordings of the president's 'promises.'

Protesters are demanding electoral reform, better living conditions for retirees, public control over the distribution of wealth and various anti-corruption measures.

Last month, protesters marched with vuvuzelas (loud plastic horns) and flares in the city center, stopping at the building of Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) and demanding that the broadcaster gives protesters airtime to state their position.

The mass protests were sparked by an attack against an opposition party leader, Borko Stefanovic, who received a powerful blow to the head in late November. Police later announced that suspects in the case had been detained, but the country's opposition accused authorities of allowing political violence, Sputnik previously reported.

The first rally took place in the Serbian capital on December 8.