Eduard Latypov
© Spitnik / Alexey Filippov
Russia's Eduard Latypov at biathlon World Cup
Austrian police officers have visited the Russian biathlon team's training camp in Hochfilzen to question athletes and coaches over alleged doping violations which supposedly took place two years ago.

Russian biathletes are in Austria for the Biathlon World Cup, and talked to police regarding suspected doping manipulations during the 2017 World Championship, which was hosted in Hochfilzen.

Dmitry Guberniev, a prominent Russian TV commentator and biathlon pundit, posted the news on Instagram, where he also published a list of the team members suspected by the Austrian authorities.

"Several hours ago Austrian police made a surprise visit to the Russian biathlon camp!!!" Guberniev wrote.

"Here is the list of athletes, coaches and doctors who have been accused of violating anti-doping rules during the 2017 in Hochfilzen.

"In Austria it's a criminal offence!!! Everyone mentioned in the list should give their explanations to police!!!

"I'm just wondering why the issue has been raised right now, almost two years ago after the championship? Our athletes have been regularly tested over the past years and there have been no questions regarding their cleanness."

Taking banned performance-enhancing drugs is a serious crime in Austria, with athletes facing up to three years in prison if found guilty.

At the 2017 Biathlon World Championships Russia claimed just one medal after the men's team finished first in the relay event.