Seismographs going crazy on Lombok, Indonesia

Seismographs going crazy on Lombok, Indonesia
Here the latest volcanic news with some new eruptions at Ibu (Indonesia) and Karymsky (Russia) and some updates about the ongoing volcanic activity at Rinjani (Indonesia), Ambae (Vanuatu), Kilauea (USA), Sierra Negra (Galapagos) and Villarica (Chile).

Seismographs going crazy on Lombok, Indonesia

The M6.4 earthquake on July 28, 2018 was followed by an amazing 280 aftershocks (at 30.07 / 10:00 local) ranging between M5.7 and M2.1.

Many landslides were reported on the slopes of Rinjani volcano, situated just a few tens of kilometers away from the epicenter, stranding more than 500 hikers... Their evacuation in helicopters was sheduled for today.

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New lava flow and explosions at Ibu volcano, Indonesia

In the Moluccas, a Volcano discovery team observed numerous explosions and a new lava flow on the western flanks of Gunung Ibu.

Ibu volcano eruption July 2018.
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Ibu volcano eruption July 2018.
Seismicity has been high for the last few days. Only on July 28th, 113 eruptive earthquakes, 129 emission earthquakes, 45 avalanche earthquakes, and 4 distant tectonic earthquakes were reported. On July 29, these numbers even increased with 125, 136, 32 avalanche events, and 4 distant earthquakes, respectively.

Here a video showing Ibu activity from 27. to 29.Nov. 2015:

Sources: 29 Jul 2018 - Vona, 28 Jul 2018 - Vona

Karymsky volcano erupts in Kamchatka

In Kamchatka, the Karymsky volcano shows a high volcanic activity ejecting ashes since July 14, 2018. On July 29, the emissions of ash and steam rose 1,500-2,000 meters asl., drifting 33 km to the southeast of the volcanic peak.
Karymsky volcanic ash eruption in July 2018

Karymsky volcanic ash eruption in July 2018
These ash emissions are still ongoing dispersing over 92 km to the northeast.

Source: KVERT

High sulfur emissions reported at Ambae (Vanuatu), Kilauea (Hawaii) and Sierra Negra (Galapagos Islands)

Suomi NPP / OMPS s

An image of the Suomi NPP / OMPS satellite of 29.07.2018 summarizes the sulfur dioxide emissions of volcanic origin in the Pacific.
Observable is an important SO2 plume associated with the July 26-27 eruptions on Ambae, as well as SO2 emissions from the East Rift Zone of Kilauea and of Sierra Negra, which are still erupting.

Villarica incandescence is growing bigger
Villarica summit incandescence is growing

Villarica summit incandescence is growing
On July 29, 2018, a short window in the cloud cover shows the summit of Villarica with incandescence; it is stronger than that observed in recent days, and shows two active orifices.

A video of the crater that is filling up:

There is maybe a larger eruption building up. Keep safe! Be aware! Be prepared!