Syrian Arab Army
On July 8, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced along the Syrian-Jordanian border and reached the town of Khrab al-Shahm, which is located 15km northwest of Daraa city, according to the Syrian News Channel.

Currently, the SAA is only 4km away from ISIS pocket in the western Daraa countryside. Furthermore, only 3km of the border line is still under the control of the terrorist group.

The SAA didn't face any resistance during its advance along the Syrian-Jordanian border, as most militants had withdrawn from the border line earlier. The Syrian News Channel reported that the civilians facilitated the advance of the SAA.

Earlier, the SAA entered the towns of Umm al-Mayadin and al-Tayyibah in the eastern Daraa countryside. Few hours after that, the SAA managed to besiege dozens of militants in the southern part of Daraa city.

These new achievements of the SAA will likely increase the pressure on the remaining commanders of the FSA in the western Daraa countryside who refused to join the evacuation agreement, which was reached on July 6.