Mary Elyas

There's the two lovebirds.
A federal Liberal riding association chair is under fire for a vitriolic Facebook rant which calls for supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump to be separated from their children and exiled to detention camps.

In the now-deleted exchange on his personal Facebook page, Mark Elyas - the Liberal Party of Canada's riding chair for Vancouver-East - reacted angrily towards critics on social media who expressed displeasure at him posting an anti-Donald Trump Youtube video on his Facebook page, entitled "Mr. President, F- You!"

"How very stately of you," wrote commenter Tracey Wilson Wednesday afternoon.

"Is this the typical language we can expect out of the Liberal Party when they are supposed to be representing Canadians? Disgusting."

In reply, Elyas unleashed a verbal assault upon Wilson - defending his anti-Trump stance.

"My personal page," he wrote.

"Trump is a bigot, homophobe, racist, and misogynist. He can go f- himself. Why are you on (my) personal page? We aren't even friends. In fact, you can f- yourself, too, you racist Trump supporter."

That profane reply garnered nearly 70 responses before it was deleted about an hour later.

"I don't support Trump," Wilson replied, pointing out to Elyas that even though it was posted on his personal Facebook page, the privacy settings for the post were set to public.

"Is this how you always speak to women?" said Wilson.

Elyas replied that his reply is typical for all Trump supporters "like you," and "general bigots as well."

When another commenter accused Elyas of being a bigot, Elyas replied in the affirmative.

"I am," he wrote, going on to describe Trump supporters "subhuman pieces of s-."

Comment: Subhuman, eh? Should we pull out the Hitler comparison or is subtle innuendo enough to get the point across.

"They need to be rounded up and placed in camps away from public view," he wrote.

"Their kids should be taken away from them for child abuse.

"Every Trump supporter is a racist piece of s-."

By Thursday evening, Elyas posted a statement on the Vancouver East Liberals' official Facebook page, defending his post and continuing his diatribe against the president and his supporters.

"I will put it out there: I hate Donald Trump and everything he and his supporters represent; mainly white supremacy; racism; misogyny; xenophobia; homophobia; and fascism," he wrote, adding he refuses to resign from his position with the Liberal party.

Comment: Will Trudeau's government do anything about having openly bigoted members of their caucus touting hate speech? We'll see.

A little over an hour later, the post disappeared from the page.

That was followed soon after by a post on Elyas' personal Facebook page featuring a drawing of a completely nude Trump baring his genitals.

Elyas' LinkedIn profile shows an association with the federal Liberals spanning 12 years, starting with a stint as communications chair with the Liberal Party of Canada in Vancouver-East in February, 2006, later serving as vice-president and a four-year term as president.

The Liberal party website lists Elyas as riding chair for Vancouver-East.

Elyas has a history of bad behaviour on social media.

Shortly after Donald Trump's Nov. 9, 2016 victory in the United States presidential election, Elyas commenced a campaign of profane and scatalogical insults on Twitter - calling the 45th president "retarded," accusing him of being a pedophile, urging Trump to commit suicide, and writing he hopes the president "chokes on his food and dies."