Tucker Areu
Professor wants "toxic masculinity" training in kindergarten.

A University of Wisconsin professor is calling on kindergardens to implement programs to fight "toxic masculinity" .

Tucker Carlson discusses the scourge that is MASCULINITY with his "liberal sherpa" Cathy Areu.

Areu makes the claim that 'boys cannot be boys', because the male gender is inherently evil.

Speaking to Tucker from a studio built by men, in a building built by men, in a city built by men, surrounded by technology innovated, developed and brought to market by men.

Areu makes the case that men have failed due to their evil, killing ways, and that the age of women is upon us...because unlike their male counterparts, women in power will bring peace and love, much like Hillary Clinton did with Libya and Syria, or how Madeleine Albright brought love to Serbia with 75 consecutive days of NATO bombings.

Tucker eventually brings on Jordan Peterson for an adult, rational conversation on the lunacy infecting the left.