A wire fence
In a sad sign of the times, migration and terrorism are now the top issues for voters in Britain and across the whole of Europe when it comes to the problems now facing the European Union.

That's according to new polling from YouGov that has shown huge numbers of people in virtually every European country are massively concerned about immigration and the terror threat.

Large numbers of people now see immigration as one of the the biggest issues facing the EU, including 53% in Finland, 51% in Greece, 49% in Sweden, 47% in Italy and 39% in Britain.

Many see terrorism as one of the major threats now too, including 43% in Poland, 38% in France, 35% in the UK and 34% in Lithuania.

The priorities across Europe are clear:

The mess that the EU has made of the migrant crisis has made countries more dangerous.

The answer is for national governments to start running their own border policy, rather than being dragged along with dangerous EU open borders.