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Of all the many and varied reports I have received on issues relative to the Men in Black, the Women in Black, the Shadow People and the Hat Man, one of the most sinister and disturbing is that of a woman named Patricia. She told me of a series of trauma-filled experiences with shadowy, nightmarish, fedora-wearing figures. She emailed me as follows:
Dear Mr. Redfern, I just finished reading your book, The Real Men In Black. I was particularly interested in Part II: The Theories. I am 62 years old, from a town near the Mississippi River across from St. Louis. I grew up in the country, next to a lake. This is pertinent because I do believe that water can be a conduit for paranormal phenomena. And, I am also a Pisces. I include my age because what happened to me was before any kind of media frenzy about UFOs, or abduction stories were made popular by books or movies. I am a former art teacher and artist, extremely creative, was the quintessential flower child in the 60s, all of which works against one as far as credibility is concerned.
Patricia continued:
It began when I was quite young. I had night terrors every night. Afraid to sleep alone (my bedroom was the closest to the lake), I ended up in my parents bed up until I was almost 16 years old. I always imagined something was in my room. What happened one night, shook me to the core, for years. I was around 16 (already having periods) when, as I began dozing off, I saw a thin black shadow with a large head peek around my door looking at me. I didn't feel right, couldn't focus or move and was basically paralyzed while the 'shadow' mounted me, and what I guess was, having sex. Remember, 16 year old girls were far more naive then, than today. I fell into a very deep sleep.
I was troubled for weeks and then when time for my period came around, it didn't. I was terrified, and couldn't figure out what had happened to me, because I wasn't sexually active. My period began the following month. Now, a person might say that nerves alone could interfere with female cycles, BUT, throughout my entire life, I had only skipped 3 periods. Once when I was very ill and hospitalized while living in Venezuela, secondly, when pregnant with my son and thirdly, this incident with the black shadow person. I put it out of my mind until many, many years later when the alien abduction/impregnation theories became popular. I am not saying this was my case.
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