Central Intelligence Agency
Who is the biggest drug dealer in the world? The Cartels of Cali and Medellin? A Yakuza? The Cosa Nostra? Aecio Neves?

It appears that the main central organizing force of international drug trafficking is, in fact, the CIA, the main intelligence agency of the US government.

The connections between American intelligence and organized crime began during World War II, at the time of ONI and OSS, before the very creation of the CIA.

At that time, Italian Mafia bosses had been arrested by Mussolini's government, and American intelligence had fired their contacts with figures such as Lucky Luciano, Frank Costello, and other Italian-American mob bosses to acquire strategic intelligence on the operations of the Italian government.

With the conquest of Sicily by the Allies in 1944, the American army freed all Italian mafiosi prisoners, and under the guidance of the OSS, the great leaders were put in charge of Italian civil society, and openly, out of the shadows.

With the end of the war, the newly created CIA begins to finance the Sicilian and Corsican families to help them compete with the unions (mostly socialist) control of the docks. This ensured the flow of international heroin trafficking in the 1940s.

This modus operandi is classic, and there are four dozen historical examples of the direct and harmonious involvement of the CIA with international organized crime. In general, the initial motivation revolves around a concern to prevent the strengthening of socialist, communist, syndicalist, anti-imperialist and anti-American organizations around the world.

The CIA was behind the strengthening of Cosa Nostra, Triad, Yakuza, contributed to the emergence of the "Golden Triangle" of international opium trafficking, put in power the Bolivian dictator Hugo Banzer, who through such nefarious figures as Stefano Della Chiae (a neofascist figure linked to the Masonic shop P2 and Operation Gladio), built and institutionalized cocaine trafficking in Bolivia, placed in power and protected cocaine trafficking by Manuel Noriega and his Mossad auxiliaries (the famous Iran-Contra affair) , as well as all drug-trafficking operations linked to US-created paramilitary groups in Latin America until the explosion of heroin production and trafficking in Afghanistan after the country was occupied by the United States after 9/11.

It has been more than 70 years of involvement and strengthening of international drug trafficking, all based in the strategic and tactical center of the CIA.

And here we are just talking about ONE kind of crime, drug trafficking. What about the arms trafficking to various governments, paramilitary groups and terrorist organizations around the world? What about the countries that had governments overthrown by the CIA? It may be easier to say which countries on the planet have never had governments overthrown by the CIA - after all, Brazil itself suffered from it. What about the MK-Ultra Operation, Brainwashed by US Citizens? What about the espionage and blackmail of American citizens, and of other countries, by the CIA and other American intelligence organizations?

The reality is that, in the international system of organized crime, the CIA is at the foundation and top of the pyramid. And that is why the world has not been successful in combating organized crime. Its roots lie in an intelligence agency of the unipolar hegemonic power, the United States of America.

The mere police repression can not solve a problem that originates in the secret operations of a foreign government agency. It is necessary to dethrone the US from its global hegemonic position and thus to end its ability to finance cartels, overthrow governments and arm terrorists.