Terra-school Assen
© Robbert Willemsen
The school in Assen, The Netherlands, where the teacher used to work
A teacher of the Terra College in Assen, The Netherlands, who sexually abused his 13-year-old pupil and mentee has been jailed today for 30 months, which includes a 10 month suspended sentence. Last month the prosecutor sought a rape acquittal, as 'there was no question of violence or threat of violence'. This case follows in the footsteps of two separate rape cases in France last year when two men were acquitted of the same crime, as the French court was of the opinion that their victims - two 11-year-old girls - had consented.

The website SPECTR reported:
The events took place in 2009. A 22-year-old man took an 11-year-old girl to the park in Champs-sur-Marne, in the vicinity of Paris. He undressed her, asked her to lie on the ground and had sexual relations with the child. Despite her young age the girl became pregnant. She gave birth to a son in 2010.

In light of the facts the prosecutor asked an 8-year sentence. However, the court acquitted the man. As there was no question of coercion, nor threats or violence - the French legal criteria for rape - no unlawful act was committed, or so the judge argued. Therefore, the girl would have consented implicitly to the sexual act in the park, at least according to the court in question. [...]

The case is also remarkable as a very similar news item came to light in the end of September 2017. At the time the French prosecutor decided not to prosecute a 28-year-old pedophile for rape of another 11-year-old girl. Again, it was argued that the girl in question had not resisted, so one could speak of "consent". However, the lawyer who represented the girl said that the girl "[...] had been terrified and had felt ashamed" and therefore, had not uttered a sound.
According to the Dutch legislator, with children up to 12 years old one cannot speak of 'consensual sexual contact' 'by definition', but apparently this can be the case with children who are older than 12. At the same time, the court found the man guilty of (digital) grooming. Grooming is a process by which a child is seduced and manipulated under false pretexts. The teacher had ample opportunity to do so. He was also the girl's mentor and therefore was in close contact with her. Predators are often found in positions of trust, which makes it even easier for them to engage in this kind of criminality.

It is very disconcerting that the prosecution and the court did not take into account the effect of grooming. Often sexual predators do not make threats or use violence because they wish to gain the victims' trust. After the crime is committed this often changes, with the perpetrator attempting to ensure the child does not speak to anyone about the abuse.

Child abusers often groom more than one victim at a time, so it's possible that the Dutch teacher was grooming other girls. This wolf in sheep's clothing also had child porn on his phone and computer (1000 pictures in total, of which 900 photographs were of the girl). One hundred pictures were of other children. This predator could, therefore, have groomed more victims and could have been abusing his position as a teacher for quite some time.

The girl's father summed up the situation in court when he said:
'You were actually her mentor, someone a pupil should be able to trust. I am so disappointed in you. By your doing, my daughter is sitting on the couch, crying. Filled with shame, humiliated. Just because of your self-interest, your lust. So, again, how sick can you be?'
Notice how the the teacher behaved once he had to face a judge:
In court he acted in a particularly humble manner, didn't deny anything and repented. He suffered from stress, because of his tough job and his study for a degree. Migraine, sleeping badly. And during the first encounters with the girl he didn't think of sex straight away, or so the man from Groningen declared. 'But during conversations with her about problems at school he started to develop feelings for her. Encounters became more intense. The choices I subsequently made were not good, but I wasn't able to put a stop to it. And for that, I am ashamed.'
Pity ploys and talk of 'feelings', that seems to have been the man's defense. As if a responsible and adult teacher could ever claim to be unable to halt the development of such a situation! Yet the court described him as acting with 'diminished capacity' and as having a 'mental disorder', and by careful use of the media, his attorney secured a lighter sentence. It's possible this man's attorneys received advice from the law firm Vink Velman & Swier from Amsterdam, which specializes in coming up with creative solutions in defense of their many pedophile clients. Also, they are well versed in gaslighting victims in order to protect their clients.

If the prosecution that should defend the victims downplays these crimes by claiming there was no coercion or violence involved, then the situation looks bleak for the children who will fall pray to these predators (including those in the legal system) in the future. And while Sweden has now proposed a law which will make any sex without "explicit" consent punishable for adults by calling it rape, children are suspected of and punished for 'implicit consent' (read: under threat of violence) to rape. Thus, pedophiles will be protected, because if there is no violence, there is no rape, while adult women are given the protection that is denied to children. This is the 'evolved' democratic society we now live in.

In his book, The Myth of the Out Of Character Crime, clinical psychologist Stanton E. Samenow describes the thinking errors criminals make. One of the people Samenow talked to (a man called Stuart) was jailed for life for brutally raping an adolescent girl. Here is the world according to a rapist:
From Stuart's point of view, force was unnecessary because he was so desirable, absolutely irresistible. If a person submits to what one actually wants it is not rape. The perpetrator is not a perpetrator because he has bestowed upon the other person that which she actually seeks.
In a country where the LGBT community is being increasingly used as a platform for pedophilia, it seems that the Dutch legal system also plays the role of aiding and abetting crimes against children and the general destruction of Dutch society.

I highly recommend that parents and others do their due diligence and research the ways of the sexual predator.