Strange sounds in IL, IA border
© Via YouTube/Splenorous
The video can be deceptive! I have more understanding of what I am hearing and seeing in other videos! Your comments are most welcomed! However, I can tell you for 100% accuracy as to what I am witnessing as the camera is recording!

It is a cloudy November day in 2017 along the Mississippi River Illinois/ Iowa border. There is very little wind, the trees are barely rustling so the noise is NOT wind although it occasionally sounds like a mighty wind very high up in the sky! NEVER heard this particular noise EVER before! Even though the camera may seems as if it is raining - it is NOT RAINING! Kind of sounded a tish like thunder but this noise was a continual noise for an hour!

It sounded for 5 - 7 minutes at a time then died down for just 1-2 minutes and was back just as loud as before. We could hear it out from the same direction but seemed to be louder just right, left then right over head. It was not moving far if at all. NO VARIATIONS as traffic, planes, jets, and way too loud for a plane to be that low and we did not see one thing! For an hour, no lights, shadows or planes.

After we heard this we looked online for other videos with jet such like noises in sky and no planes! THERE ARE A FEW videos of such occurrences of these noises over the Earth and years apart! WHO KNEW?