Saudijski krunski princ proširio crnu listu i blokirao 1200 bankovnih računa i 800 milijardi dolara
‌MBS used to refer to mortgage-backed securities. But that's so-last-decade. Henceforth, it stands for Mohammed bin Salman, the 31-year-old upstart crown prince of Saudi Arabia who last week fired the prime minster of another (ostensibly sovereign) country - Lebanon - while purging some 200 Saudi royal VIPs from their posts, their pocketbooks, and - in at least a couple of cases - their lives. The official Saudi position is that everything is "Iran's fault". The official US position is that everything is going to plan. And the unofficial internet position is that the Saudi regime is imploding, which would likely take the petrodollar and US hegemony down with it.

Meanwhile, Trump has been storming around Asia making deals and doing his best to make the 'Russian collusion' allegations, that have dogged him since before he was even inaugurated, a thing of the past. But he has his work cut out for him, because powerful people in Washington are determined to ensure that the Trump-Russia axle of evil remains front and center in the minds of the 'freedom-loving peoples of the world'. Why?

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