US mainstream media have lost credibility to such outlets like RT and Sputnik, American artist David Russell told Sputnik.

David Russell
© Andrea Krzhel
Russell has run a prolific career in Hollywood as a storyboard artist and illustrator. In his portfolio, there are a number of blockbusters, including "Star Wars: Episode VI," "Terminator 2," "The Chronicles of Narnia," "The Wolverine" and the last installment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

"For me, RT and Sputnik have become one of the most useful information sources because you just can't trust American media anymore," Russell told Sputnik Serbia in an exclusive interview.

He recently visited Belgrade and organized a workshop for students.
"I especially appreciate Sputnik for its coverage of the situation in Syria. Just like RT, Sputnik is providing much more important information than American media," he added.
Russell has also been known for openly expressing his political views, including his criticism of Washington's aggressive policy.

According to him, many of the films he has worked on have a political message.
"A movie is not as effective as media to send a message. But if it is used in an appropriate manner it could become a very powerful weapon," Russell said.
Many in Hollywood do not like Donald Trump, but, according to Russell, he is "not some weird crazy clown."
"Mainstream media are trying to portray him as a silly person and want us to believe that. But this is not who he is. Of course, he is not perfect, but what is very interesting is that he continues to provoke the establishment. America hasn't seen something like this for so long," Russell concluded.