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© Sputnik/ Grigoriy Sisoev
This is why a dialogue between BRICS member states is more constructive than the G20, according to the Russian Minister of Economic Development.

Russian Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin said Tuesday that in comparison with the G20, the BRICS countries always listen to each other's positions on various issues and reach a consensus.

"In fact, compared to G20, the discussion here is much more constructive, everybody listens to each other's positions, all reach consensus, come to a common point of view. There is a very big difference [between BRICS and G20], [it is] very positive," Oreshkin told reporters.

The minister also said that cybersecurity and energy security were among the topics discussed at the summit.

"Another key point regards world trade. Here the positions of all countries are also similar, all are in favor of open trade and are against protectionism. Preparations for the WTO [World Trade Organization] ministerial conference to be held in December was actively discussed," Oreshkin added.

The three-day BRICS summit in China's Xiamen kicked off on Sunday. The event was held in the new so-called BRICS Plus format, with the leaders of such non-BRICS countries as Egypt, Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan and Thailand also taking part in the summit alongside the leaders of the five BRICS nations: Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa and India.