This is the moment when a six-year-old boy who went missing while on holiday with his parents in Azerbaijan is found by a rescue team after three days in the woods.

Natik Namig oglu Aliyev, had disappeared from the cottage his family was staying in at a holiday camp outside the village of Eski Igrik in north-eastern Azerbaijan's Quba District.

It is believed the boy went to explore the surrounding woods, and got lost when darkness fell.
Missing and Found Natik Namig oglu Aliyev
Found: Natik Namig oglu Aliyev, six, is given food and water by the military search team who found him three days after he disappeared

His parents noticed that the boy was missing, sparking a desperate manhunt in Eski Igrik and the surrounding areas.

After three days and nights, the boy was eventually found following a huge search effort involving both civilian rescue services and military troops.

Little Natik was found unconscious around four miles from the holiday camp, wearing nothing but his underwear.

Rescuers say he was starving and weak, having not eaten for the three days while he was gone.

The boy went missing from a holiday camp just outside the village of Eski Igrik in north-eastern Azerbaijan's Quba District, and was gone for three days
Missing Azherbaijani boy with Mom
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Back with mum: Heartwarming footage show him reuniting with his family after being found
Heartwarming footage has since made its way online, showing the moment when troops dressed in military fatigues found him in the forest.

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital to be checked over with doctors, who after several tests, ruled the boy's health condition as 'satisfactory' and allowed him home to see his relieved parents.

There is no information regarding what made the boy wander into the woods in the first place.