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Back in the days of drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll I visited a locum dentist on a sunny August morning when I had a a loose filling. I'm not sure quite which planet this locum dentist was from but I suspect it was Venus.

I came to that conclusion because this delightful dentist dabbled in the precautionary principle.

He argued:

All teeth should be extracted because eventually they could cause pain and suffering.

Strangely enough, this particular self-enlightened "professional" never mentioned the pecuniary principle.

The pecuniary principle is particularly popular with "professionals" and "experts".

For example:

Nine out of Ten British dentists have expressed a preference for performing procedures that maximise their income for the least effort.

These self-enlightened "professionals" specialise in wallet welfare not patient welfare i.e. you get what you're given - not what you need.

This explains why Britain has a reputation for being a Bad Teeth Nation.

Britain also has a reputation for being a Bad News Nation.

Stephen Hawking has hit out at US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accords, saying the move could turn the Earth into a Venus-like hothouse planet.

The astrophysicist made the dire prediction during an interview with the BBC ahead of his 75th birthday.

Stephen Hawking: Trump's climate policy could turn Earth into hothouse Venus - - 2 July 2017
Whilst on the other side of the Atlantic the spirit of P. T. Barnum lives on...
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