saudi fighter jets
The Al Raha Group for Technical Services based in Riyadh has received a more than $185 million US Air Force contract to provide support services for Saudi Arabia's air fleet of US-supplied F-15 Eagle fighter bombers, the Department of Defense said in a press release.

"Al Raha Group for Technical Services (RGTS), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has been awarded a $185.7 million... contract for F-15 Saudi Arabia depot prime vendor support services," the announcement said on Monday.

Under the contract, the company will obtain procurement services, warehousing, and bench stocking of consumables and spares for the Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 program over the next three and a half months until October 4, 2017, the Defense Department said in a press release. The Saudi Air Force F-15 force has been heavily involved in the bombing campaign of rebel-held areas in Yemen in which an estimated 10,000 civilians have so far been killed.