Russian short-range ballistic missile interceptor test
The ultimate form of Russian meddling.

Good morning from Moscow! Today is June 17, 2017 — and just like every other day, there's an enormous cornucopia of Russian Meddling in the news.

Pour yourself some coffee and let's dive in.

First up: The Russian military on Friday carried out a successful launch of a missile interceptor from a test site in Kazakhstan. The test is part of ongoing efforts to strengthen Russia's Missile Defense System.

Via the Ministry of Defense:
According to the Deputy Commander of the Air and Missile Defence of the Aerospace Forces Colonel Andrey Prikhodko, anti-missile missile destroyed the conditional target.

The missile defence system is in service of the formation of the Missile Defence of the Russian Aerospace Forces and it covers Moscow and the Central industrial district from strikes of ballistic missiles, and also performs tasks in the interests of systems of missile warning and space control.
Here's a video of the test:

In other news:
  • WaPo is slightly concerned that far-right psychopaths are rampaging around Ukraine with impunity. The solution? "Authorities should enact a "zero-tolerance" policy on far-right violence. President Petro Poroshenko should order key law enforcement agencies — the Interior Ministry, the National Police of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Prosecutor Generals' Office (PGO) — to make stopping far-right activity a top priority." Yeah ... Not happening. [Washington Post]
  • "This is the perfect time to make Putin feel more pain". [New York Post]
  • Is Bernie Sanders a secret Russian agent? Apparently Twitter thinks so. [The Nation]
  • The Russian Ground Forces have started to receive a new modernized version of the Msta-S self-propelled artillery piece. [The National Interest]
  • Russian state-owned industrial giant Rostec has proposed working with China on developing engines for long-haul passenger jets. Both countries are developing domestic airliners, which currently use foreign engines. [RT]
  • Robert Mueller has allegedly hired 13 lawyers to help him with his majestic Russia Investigation [CNN]
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