Beheaded turtle
© Naxos Wildlife Protection/Intime News/Athena Pictures
One of the beheaded turtles found on Plaka beach.
The bodies of ten beheaded turtles have been found washed up on the same beach over two months leading to a cruelty warning.

The turtles mutilated bodies were found on Plaka beach on Naxos Island in Greece.

Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece has said it believes that number is too high to suggest the animals were accidentally killed.

'We believe that the percentage of dead turtles without head in the same area (Plaka) is large enough to be a coincidence,' the organisation said.

It is calling on people to help authorities stop anyone who is killing the reptiles on purpose, Tomos News reported.

A case emerged last year when a dead turtle was discovered with a breeze block tied around its head.